RB Weekly News #13: Typhoon Studios and “Kimi No Na Wa’s” Opening Weekend

Hello friends, back again with RB Weekly News, bringing you the latest and greatest from the anime and gaming worlds.  Today, we’ve got some info regarding the creation of a new gaming studio, the anime movie, Your Name, and yet MORE controversy regarding Gamestop.

RB Weekly News #11: Attack on Titan Season 2, Remastered Starcraft, and a Godzilla Anime!

Bringing you the latest in the anime and gaming worlds, RB Weekly News is here, and boy, we’ve got a lot going on to look forward to!

Anime Announcements, and a .5 Billion Dollar Lawsuit: RB Weekly News #4

Here again with your weekly anime/gaming news, for the most prominent/important of such events!  This past week, we’ve had quite a few seirous happenings in the world of gaming, and two announcements regarding new anime releases that are sure to make many people very happy.