7 Webtoons For Those New To Webtoons!

My fellow nerds;

Anime and Manga, Western Animations, Comic Books and more, have been standard fare. Classics exist as far back as the 1950s, a veritable Akashic Record of fantastic series to catch up on; and you know them well. From the Western superheroes like Batman and Superman, to the Eastern classics of Cowboy Bebop and Fist of the North Star, these stories have ingrained themselves into their respective nerdy cultures.

However, in 2014, a new service would burst onto the scene, providing easy access to stories for anyone with a smartphone, making its own mark on the landscape of story-telling and story-consuming for a whole new generation. WEBTOON, from South Korea, would provide millions of people a new way to consume stories, to the point where many people I know today are avid readers – and honestly, with how busy life is, webtoons today are how many people get their fix for stories.

But let’s say you are new to the scene, as I was about four years ago. What webtoons could you start reading to dive into the unique worlds they have to offer?

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What Makes a Story Good?

We all have preferences and opinions on our favorite films, TV shows, anime, books and more. However, oftentimes, we will come across a divide. There are times when we will love a story that others despise, while other times, we may wonder why people seem to love a show that just doesn’t seem that good.

The question I seek to answer today, is what makes a story good, really? And how can we determine that for ourselves?

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Sex, Murder, and Mystery: a Review of Yuureitou

Who doesn’t love a good mystery story?

The ones full of gruesome death, ruthless killers, twisted motivations.  A web of lies, waiting to be untangled, surrounded by faceless people who can’t be trusted; Yuureitou is a story that starts off like this, but quickly becomes something…a lot more.

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Thoughts on RWBY Volume 5, Episode 3: Setting Up The Pieces

With Episode 3, we’ve got lots of important setup going on–and for the most part, I am all for it.

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Reading Between Reviews (2.0): Miraculous Ladybug Season One!

My first post ever on this blog was a review of Miraculous Ladybug.

Suffice to say, I feel as though my writing, and my ability to analyze and appreciate stories, has significantly improved since then.  And with the release of the second season in France, I thought that this would be an opportune time to take another look at the series!

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Extra Life: I’m Gaming For Kids!

If ya’ll are looking for your anime, gaming, animation-based post like usual, sorry, this ain’t it.

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