7 Webtoons For Those New To Webtoons!

My fellow nerds; Anime and Manga, Western Animations, Comic Books and more, have been standard fare. Classics exist as far back as the 1950s, a veritable Akashic Record of fantastic series to catch up on; and you know them well. From the Western superheroes like Batman and Superman, to the Eastern classics of Cowboy BebopContinue reading “7 Webtoons For Those New To Webtoons!”

What Makes a Story Good?

We all have preferences and opinions on our favorite films, TV shows, anime, books and more. However, oftentimes, we will come across a divide. There are times when we will love a story that others despise, while other times, we may wonder why people seem to love a show that just doesn’t seem that good.Continue reading “What Makes a Story Good?”

Reading Between Reviews (2.0): Miraculous Ladybug Season One!

My first post ever on this blog was a review of Miraculous Ladybug. Suffice to say, I feel as though my writing, and my ability to analyze and appreciate stories, has significantly improved since then.  And with the release of the second season in France, I thought that this would be an opportune time toContinue reading “Reading Between Reviews (2.0): Miraculous Ladybug Season One!”

Extra Life: I’m Gaming For Kids!

If ya’ll are looking for your anime, gaming, animation-based post like usual, sorry, this ain’t it. I won’t be posting for the weekend, so I’ll have some RWBY to catch up on, some other posts to catch up on–but what I AM going to be doing, is participating in Extra Life’s 24 hour gaming marathon!