About Reading Between

Simply put, I’ve started up Reading Between to analyze stories, and acknowledge the little theological, psychological, symbolic, literary, cinematic, etc., factors that add to the value of a story.

Of course, that being said, the content of Reading Between will vary. It will mostly be regarding my personal thoughts on stories; whether that is general or specific. From reviews, to analyses,   Regardless of the specific type of writing, however, I just aim to better appreciate the stories I write about, and share that appreciation with others!

Reading Between, as you might guess, is named with this goal in mind.  Reading Between the Lines, the Pages, sounded just a bit too cliché, a bit too specific, so instead, I just decided to go with Reading Between.  The whole goal then, is to read between the basics of what a story presents to the audience, and find any deeper meaning that the story has to offer.  Whether that’s thematic, psychological, theological, or simply emotional, there’s a lot to delve into, and I hope to do just that!

About Me

The name’s Aaron, or on other parts of the internet, SM-Ron!

As far as who I am, I’m just a nerd who cares very much about the nature of human experiences.  I love getting to share my experiences of stories, and furthermore, enjoy hearing about the stories that mean something to others, whether they be film, literature, anime, manga, webtoons, comics…whatever you can think of! A major part of my thoughts in enjoying stories, is that any story, as long as it’s meaningful to someone, has value, and searching for that value is something that I feel is very important.

That said, I am also writing in this blog as a means of constant self-discovery.  I know that I care about these human experiences, and have an interest in analyzing these stories that mean so much to me, but beyond that, there’s still a lot I have left to learn.  It’s a constant journey, ya feel?

Well.  If you’d like to contact me, recommend any stories, or just say hi, feel free to hit me up here!

That’s about it, enjoy your stay on the blog!

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