I’m Back. (My Plans for 2022)

Not like I’m announcing it to the whole world or anything, but hey. It feels good to say it.

New logo, new look, new site; same me. Let’s get this started!

Who Am I, and What’s Been Going On?

First and foremost, to anyone reading this, hello! My name is Aaron, and I’ve been a lover of stories for as long as I can remember. I started Reading Between in 2016 while I was still a humble sophomore in college, searching for something to foster my love for stories and keep myself productive. For a year and a half, I tried very actively to make the blog something I could be proud of, and for the most part, I did! 160 posts in a year and a half – more than two a week! For someone who was unsure of himself, his passions, and his health, that was remarkable.

However, since then, life decided to knock me down a few pegs. It’s been 4 full years since then, and in between countless mental health struggles, graduating from college, returning to work on a teachers credential in English, and far, far more, Reading Between stood online as my infinitesimally small part of the infinitely large internet. I kept reading, kept watching, kept experiencing new stories, but with everything going on, I have not been able to keep up the blog at all.

Until now. I posted back then that I would probably never give up on it…and, well, I’m glad to say that is still the case. Suffice to say, I’ve been working on myself, and I feel healthier than ever, physically and mentally. Life is also busier than ever, but between rock climbing, DDR, a newfound passion for writing, and of course, continuing to enjoy the art of storytelling, I’ve been learning to love and balance it all. With this in mind, I popped back on to Reading Between, and found something interesting – first, it was still online, unhacked, unchanged! Second, there was still some traffic!

That said…

What’s Next For Reading Between?

I’m 25 now, and I’m appropriately busy, working on becoming an English teacher. That said, I still want to use this blog for something! Maybe move out into writing my own stories, maybe branch out into video essay content later down the line. The sky’s the limit!

However, for the blog right now, and for my life in general, I realize that this particular year may not be the proper time for investing into such new territories. I’ve dabbled, I’ve tried – but at the very least, I realized that I want to keep talking, in some way, about the things I love.

With that in mind, Reading Between will be used as a means to talk about those stories. Before, I used to try very actively to keep up with the newest series, experimenting with types of posts, stressing about whether or not the blog was doing something new. No longer! I’m going to post about what I love, and beyond the eclectic stories I love, hope to encourage a common mindset of appreciation for the art of storytelling. That’s it.

…Okay, I might still shill out to the most recent stories from time to time. But at the very least, I won’t focus so much on it!

My content will most likely not be weekly, nor very consistent, but at the very least, I’m pretty confident that, over a longer period of time, I will be using the blog to talk about a variety of different topics.

In any case….I’m hoping to continue to make Reading Between a cool product I can share with others, even if it is simply a personal project. I’ll still try to make it something clean and polished as much as I can. I’ll still invest some time into it, respond to comments, meet new people, ask for likes/follows, so on and so forth. But I won’t worry about it too much! I’ll have fun with it! And I think I’ll be satisfied with that.

Much love to anyone who’s read this, and I hope life treats you well! Hopefully, see you around for whatever odd posts that come next!

Aaron ;


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Just a guy with a love for stories.

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