Update: Depression Is Tough, What Next?

It’s been roughly a month and a half since I posted on Reading Between, after a period of time where I had been comfortable posting regularly.

Well.  Shoot.

The Personal Rant (skip to the Update section if you’d like)

So, for anyone who may have been checking in on the site, I’m sorry for the lack of any new content.  As it is, school, work, miscellaneous research opportunities kinda got in the way, and…ah.  Yeah, none of that was the matter.

Over the past four months, I was hit with a rather large depressive episode.  It’s happened before,  and I thought I could muscle through it this time, but it came to a head about two months ago.  Not able to get out of bed, occasional small panic attacks, letting my work, academia, social life, and Reading Between just…stagnate.  That was fun.

But at the beginning of November, I began to see a therapist, and saw a doctor about potentially being referred to a psychiatrist–someone who could actually give me something to deal with it.  I’m in the middle of that process right now actually, just waiting for all the red tape to get cleared out.  I pushed through school, and am currently in the process of prioritizing, reorganizing, and figuring out my life.

Of course, this is the standard college struggle, right?  So, why am I letting you know all this?

Well, I’ll be honest, and say that it feels nice to have a place to vent–my blog, my rules, and for those who care about it, it’s nice.  But really, I wanted to provide an update on Reading Between, moving forward, for the sake of those following the blog, as well as myself.

Update: Starting A New Year!

Regarding Reading Between, I don’t know, honestly, how I’ll post on it.  Between these depressive episodes, and my reorganization of my priorities, I might find myself in a very different place regarding writing, regarding my focuses for the new year.

I do NOT believe I will abandon the blog entirely, ever.  At least, not anytime in the next year.  There’s (I feel I’ve said this a lot, to myself or in a post, but I swear) a lot I have yet to explore, and a lot of fun stories, fun ideas I have yet to explore.  And if anything has remained static, it’s been my love of stories.

However…what I will be up for in the next few months, moving into 2018, is uncertain to me, so I’m sorry about that.  Posting weekly, monthly, or heck, just whenever I feel able to, is up in the air.  Ideally, I’d love to be able to do so naturally, at least once a week, but I don’t know what I’m gonna be able to do.

But you know, I guess I’ve got to take care of myself when necessary, right?

All things said.  Expect an update on January 20th, a month from today, for info on what’s happening, if not sooner!  Again, I’m sorry for dropping out of existence for the past month and a half, dropping Shirobako, creating some sloppy posts…but hey.  I’m hoping that once I’m back, writing regularly, I’ll be healthy, and better than ever!

Happy holidays friends, and Happy 2018.  Have a Christmas Yui.



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4 thoughts on “Update: Depression Is Tough, What Next?

  1. Hey Aryon hope all’s better now. And may 2018 treat you better in time too.
    I may not understand the way you felt, but the struggle of college and of self is something I understand on its own.
    Keep fighting! Love yourself more and more. It’s selfish of me to say this while I’m not that close nor even well acquainted with you, but.. I believe in you!

    Wish you a wonderful X’mas and a gentle shower of happiness in the coming 2018. : )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks man :) You know what, I appreciate that regardless. Wishing another human well-being, in any respect…I think there’s something to be said for that. We’re all trying our best, ya know?

      Likewise, I hope you had a great X’mas, and the same for the rest of 2018!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. “But you know, I guess I’ve got to take care of myself when necessary, right?”

    You’ve got to take care of yourself first and *always*. I hope things will continue to improve, and when you get back we’ll still be here.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think that’s a lesson I need to take to heart, even now. Thanks for the correction :P
      But honestly, thank you, I truly appreciate the kind words. I hope in the meantime, the blogging goes well! I’m looking forward to being back in earnest, but yeah, gotta focus on personal well-being first.

      Liked by 1 person

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