Thoughts on RWBY Volume 5, Episode 3: Setting Up The Pieces

With Episode 3, we’ve got lots of important setup going on–and for the most part, I am all for it.

Addressing Adam and The White Fang

In my last reaction to episode 2, I ended off  by saying that Roosterteeth NEEDED to elaborate on the threat of the White Fang.  After all, if you’re going to have Adam Taurus murder the previous leader of the organization in the pursuit of his own goals, you better make him a threat to worry about.

Luckily, my worries were proven to be unfounded.2017-10-20_21-06-37The scene where Ghira makes a public address to Menagerie is exactly what I wanted to see, showing that the White Fang is a large threat, as well as showing that there is definitely a large amount of tension in the population of Menagerie.  On one side, you have the Belladonnas, a presumably respectable family, with a former leader of the White Fang condemning Adam’s actions, while on the other, you have Faunus who feel that Adam’s violence might even be justified.

It’s an interesting social dynamic they’re presenting, and this scene pulled it off rather well.2017-10-30_15-26-13On that note, I have to say I loved the performances of two characters during this scene: the first, being Ghira.

Up until now, Ghira hasn’t had too much development, apart from being a large man who cares for his family.  His being the former leader of the White Fang, was an informed attribute that we never got to see.  However, with this scene, we received a fuller look at his character:  Ghira, the family man, as well as Ghira, the leader.  His speech established him as a powerful character, one who commands respect, and I enjoyed that we got to see this in a more…practical, sense.

A family man, and a leader.  Nice.

On the other hand, Ilia stole the show with her impressive, passionate performance, that just makes me like her even more.

Her motivations are made extremely clear by this event–cause disorder and disarray–but I have to mention that Ilia’s voice actor KILLED it during this scene.  In the two moments we’ve seen of Ilia, in the Blake trailer, and in Episode One, Ilia was always soft-spoken, and, although bitter and passionate, never too loud or powerful.2017-10-30_15-25-52However, in this scene, her pride comes off clear as day, and it was great.

 Ozpin’s Exposition!

The FNDM in regards to Oscar

Where, of course, we got some much-needed exposition as to what happened to little-cute-boy-Ozpin!

Honestly, this scene wasn’t the most notable–but it provided some information that we desperately needed.  Ozpin’s whole situation has been rather nebulous since the end of Volume Three, and his backstory was basically unknown since the beginning of the series.  As such, hearing about the Gods, what they did to Ozpin, and learning about who exactly he is, was rather nice to hear.

I mean, it wasn’t the most powerful revelation ever–but I think it was a necessary one.  It gave Ozpin a bit more depth than “wise, mysterious man,” and allows the people watching to be, in my opinion, satisfied with the amount of mysterious backstory that was revealed.

Ozpin needed some sort of character, and I’m glad this fleshed him out.

That said, I think what we gained most from this scene, was a sense of direction for the rest of the volume.  We learned about Ozpin’s perpetual conflict with Salem, established a potential goal of Salem’s, and of course, the need for team RNJR to undergo training!

It was rather obvious that Ruby and Jaune had a ways to go before being full-fledged huntsman–it’s rather obvious for everyone, honestly.  So, a training arc for them, while their portion of the plot isn’t very intensive, was rather necessary.  Their portion of the story, at least for now, isn’t where the action is, so getting some basic development for their respective characters isn’t a bad idea–in fact, it’s something I’m looking forward to!

Looks like Ruby’s looking forward to it too?  Maybe?

Finally, I’ve got to say two things: one, whoever Oscar’s VA is, they’re doing a phenomenal job.  The voice they’ve crafted for him fits perfectly with Ozpin, and it shows through the tone of his voice as well.  It honestly took me a few seconds to realize Ozpin’s original voice actor wasn’t speaking at all!

So yeah.  That was awesome.

Two, the fact that Ozpin mentions one month to the beginning of the semester, compared to Ghira’s mention of two months…was strange.  I understand the idea–setting up time frames for when these storylines end up crossing paths, but…putting them in the same episode just feels strange.

Oh well.  Not too big of a deal.

Weiss, and The Spring Maiden

Well, so we assume.2017-10-30_15-31-29This scene, again, is a simple one, updating us to the status of Weiss, and introducing the character of Vernal, who, of course, has got to be the Spring Maiden.  They talk a bit, Weiss learns that her sister isn’t in Mistral, and Weiss is left to her own devices.

So.  What’s to gain?

I personally enjoyed the fact that the consequences of Ironwood’s rash actions are coming to light here–it’s not much, but that small detail hints at the state of the world of Remnant as a whole, which is cool to see!

Also, I don’t know if it’s just me, but I love Vernal’s character design.  From what we knew of her, a young girl who was taken in by bandits, it makes perfect sense, with her short hair and asymmetrical style.  It all just works really well, and I hope that we’ll get to see more of her in the coming episodes!

Yup. Total tomboy.

And of course, I have to mention how freaking good Weiss looked at the end of the episode.  Seeing her mini-summon was great already, but the look she gave at the end?  That’s hope, grit, and smarts all wrapped up into one, and I loved it.  2017-10-30_15-36-47

Well, this episode was a whole bunch of setup, but from the look of things, and how the plot is moving forward, I have hope that it’ll be rather rewarding!



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