Extra Life: I’m Gaming For Kids!

If ya’ll are looking for your anime, gaming, animation-based post like usual, sorry, this ain’t it.

I won’t be posting for the weekend, so I’ll have some RWBY to catch up on, some other posts to catch up on–but what I AM going to be doing, is participating in Extra Life’s 24 hour gaming marathon!

Basically, I’m gonna be raising money for sick kids, by taking part in a 24 hour gaming marathon.  Kind of like a jogathon, except for kids!  The focus is on raising money for children’s hospitals, like, in my case, the Children’s Hospital of Orange County.

So yeah.  That’s my weekend.  If you have a spare dollar, you could donate at my page, or if you have some spare time, you could tune into the stream.

On the other hand, if you’re just curious, but don’t have the ability, it’s okay if you don’t donate.  Just wanted to let ya’ll know where I’m gonna be this weekend!

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