Update: Keeping Up My Stride

Hey guys.  Long time no post, relatively.

I mean, it’s only been a week, but you know, it’s been a bit.

What’s Been Going On

So I’ll be quick, and to the point.  This past few weeks, I’ve been struggling with something I suspect to be depression, or potentially bipolar II.  Huge spikes in motivation, that aren’t exactly ideal for writing in general, mixed in with some periods of ridiculous productivity.  I’m not sure about WHAT exactly it is, as self-diagnosis doesn’t tend to be accurate, but finding a therapist for that, combined with other academic stresses…have been why I’ve been out of commission for a bit.

Taking care of myself is going to  be my first priority, absolutely.  But writing like this, interacting with others in any small amount through blogging, is something I’ve decided I want to do.  So that said, I’m still going to be continuing onwards, trying to interact with other bloggers–some of you guys, more and more when I can. :)

After all, there’s still lots to write about.  Lots to experience, lots to share, and a lot to explore.  I just wanted to let ya’ll know, hey, that’s what’s happening.  I’ll still be posting!

Just.  With this…relatively new acknowledgement of whatever this depression seems to be, chances are that I might have to take another break in another month or two–hopefully, I can keep it up for more, but if it needs to happen, well, you know what’s gonna be going on now.  Wish me luck!

When I’ll Be Writing, What I’ll Be Writing

I’ll be writing when I can.  After all, Reading Between is my passion project, and having the chance to talk about my experiences, my analysis into anime, manga, and games, is just fun to me, and I still want to talk to people about it!

As far as what’s next though, you can expect me to have some posts back up this coming weekend, with some reactions to RWBY Volume 5, and a few other cool little opinion pieces over the next few weeks, including my continuing reactions to Shirobako!  Hope, if any of ya’ll read this, you guys can enjoy them!

Looking forward to getting back into the swing of things, for however long I can keep it up.  See you guys then. :)


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7 thoughts on “Update: Keeping Up My Stride

  1. Firstly, GOOD LUCK!

    Now I do not think I have been through a real depression moment before. Extreme stress-yes but most definitely not depression so I can’t be that person who speaks like Morgan Freeman with a ridiculously convincing to be of voice, telling you exactly what to do to have yourself out of it.

    If socializing is what you’re really after, nowadays we have Discord as the new Skype. No, nobody uses it for voice chat but rather to have group conversation!
    Though there’s a good chance that you already know about it. If you do then just barge into any one of the blogger’s server and hola~ :)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks man, I appreciate the support in any form :) It’s not like everyone can or should experience depression like that–so honestly, any support is nice to hear.

      To be perfectly honest, I had no idea that Discord was as big as it was–especially regarding smaller things like building communities online! All I’ve used it for is gaming :P But man, thanks for the suggestion. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for such servers!

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  2. “Taking care of myself is going to be my first priority, absolutely.”

    Which is *absolutely* how it should be.

    Socialization can also be commenting on other blogs and responding to other comments there if you don’t feel up to the stress of putting yourself out here. Small steps…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Definitely. It’s really easy sometimes to neglect that, but personally, I’ve learned that it’s completely, absolutely necessary.

      Yeah, that’s the goal–I’m trying not to push myself too much to do so, making it a “should,” you know? I figure that if I want to, comments and other such social steps will happen naturally over time, and I do think I want to. Thanks man :)

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