First Impressions: Shirobako Episodes 1-3

Anime is a fantastic thing, ain’t it?  So, naturally, wouldn’t watching an anime ABOUT anime be doubly swell? Shirobako is one of those anime that I’ve heard a LOT about, but have never gotten to experience myself.  It’s been on my anime bucketlist ever since 2014, when it came out, but for some reason, IContinue reading “First Impressions: Shirobako Episodes 1-3”

Reading Between Reviews: Koi to Uso

Love is a strange, ethereal, yet powerful emotion, one that we often take for granted. Koi to Uso was an anime that explored this concept in an extremely unique way, one that I had never seen before.  For that, it quickly got me interested, as a story with so much potential, I couldn’t help butContinue reading “Reading Between Reviews: Koi to Uso”

How Music Affects Japanese Animation: The Soul of An Anime

Think about your favorite animated show of all time.  The emotion, the action, the memorable characters.  How would you sum it all up?  How would you encapsulate everything that the show means to you, in as short a time as possible? I don’t know about you, but to me, the only way this is possibleContinue reading “How Music Affects Japanese Animation: The Soul of An Anime”

Some of My Favorites: Nine Western Animated Movie Specials!

Does anyone remember those hour-long movie specials for cartoons, back in the day? Yeah, you know them.  The over-hyped specials that would be advertised at every opportunity, the ones that Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, and of course, Nickelodeon were notorious for.  But did we, as viewers, really expect anything amazing from the newest Spongebob hour-long special, orContinue reading “Some of My Favorites: Nine Western Animated Movie Specials!”

Some of My Favorites: Top Ten Male Anime Protagonists

A great male main character is one that is hard to find. They’re not the manliest of men, but neither are they complete pushovers either.  These characters are the ones that have drive, that have charisma, the ones that are interesting, engaging, and push the story forward.  It is through them, that we experience theContinue reading “Some of My Favorites: Top Ten Male Anime Protagonists”