Small Update: A Watchlist, Improvement, and Summer Blogging!

Well, simply put, I’m going to be replacing quantity, with quality.


During the beginning of the year, I wanted to test myself, and put out new content five days a week, every week.  I had Top Five lists every Monday, a miscellaneous anime post Tuesday, news on Wednesday, gaming on Thursday, and analysis on Friday.  It was a pretty intensive schedule, but damn, I feel proud to say I did it.

That said, I feel like the quality of said posts has been going down as of late.  When writing posts, I’ve always valued genuine opinions, genuine ideas, things that I could get excited for, and honestly, I haven’t been able to get excited about some of the stuff I’ve been writing about.  That, or I’ve just been faced with some hard writer’s block.

So, to counteract that, I’m going to be switching it up.

New Schedule, Future Plans

Got some quests of my own to get started

This summer’s going to be a big time of learning for me, as I talked about in my post regarding my first 100 articles on the blog.  I’m gonna try teaching myself some new skills, how to write a lot better than I have been, and experience some new anime/games!  But, that being said, I also want to be a bit more efficient with the content I put out for the world to see.

What this means, is that I’ll be cutting down posts–instead of five posts a week, guaranteed, I’ll be doing only two guaranteed ones–an analysis, and a top five list or review.  These three types of posts are the ones that really get me excited to write, and I feel I can put out some quality stuff for you guys if I get to focus on them!  And finally, I can perhaps…actually edit and revise posts, for a change?

Of course, this doesn’t mean there will only be two posts a week every week.  Rather, what I’m hoping is that this approach gives some freedom to write whenever I please, about whatever good idea comes to mind.  Hopefully, this’ll keep the ideas coming!

I’m hoping for some good stuff here.  Some far more quality content, with better organization, and more time spent on a better blog layout, that’s easier to navigate/read?  Perhaps someday in the coming months, I’ll get good enough at Photoshop to finally edit some custom thumbnails?  And, I think, most importantly, I’ll be able to watch some anime that I’ve been meaning to get to for FOREVER.

My Summer Watchlist/Playlist/Readlist


I don’t know about you guys, but watching anime, reading manga, playing games–experiencing new stories in general is tough.  It’s hard to get invested, especially considering the tendency of life to throw things at you out of nowhere.  But now, with some time on my hands, I think I’ll be able to get through the backlog of shows and manga and games I’ve been meaning to experience: and man, is that list extensive.

By the time this post is out, the blog will have a watchlist/readlist/playlist of series that I want to experience publicly available.  I’ll try to continually keep it updated as I get through it, but I’ll keep it on here!  If you guys have any recommendations, go check it out.  I’m open to anything and everything, so please let me know if there’s any series I’m missing out on!

That said, I want to be able to experience some new stories, so I can provide feedback on them, reviews, and some more analyses!  At the end of the day, I started Reading Between to talk about and analyze stories, and well, that includes watching new stuff!

Well, that’s basically all I wanted to say.  Hopefully, you guys can see the fruits of this soon enough!



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