Those Gaming Moments

You know the ones.

The moments that give you that little shiver, the chill, the feeling of huge accomplishment you feel after finally, FINALLY finishing that last challenge.  Beating that one difficulty that you’ve been struggling with all-freaking-day.  Don’t you love that?

We’ve all had them.  They’re oftentimes what keep us invested, looking for more games to play.  They’re what give us some of our most fun memories, and what makes certain games, as good or bad as they may be, special to us.  And well, I just thought I’d share a few of my own.

Kirby’s Return to Dreamland: Beating The True Arena


Having not played a Kirby game since The Crystal Shards on the N64, I knew when Return to Dreamland was released, I had to give it a try.  And lo and behold, I was able to get the game, beat it 100%, and unlock the True Arena- a boss gauntlet that made every boss harder, tougher, and meaner than before, as well as adding some new ones.


But for some reason, that True Arena was hard as hell to get through.  I’d always get close, but for some reason, couldn’t beat the last few.  Galacta Knight, Magolor Soul, I’d play for way too long trying to win, until finally, I had the perfect run.  I saved a recovery item for the very end, ended up a hit away from death, and clutched it out.

Well.  That was just one of several great memories I’ve had with the game, but that moment in particular stands out as a fun one.

Warcraft III: The Hard Campaign


I don’t know how many people will be familiar with this game in particular, but Warcraft III, one of the first Real-Time Strategy games, is one of those games that I just really, really enjoyed.

The campaign has two main modes: normal and hard, and understandably, normal was actually really, really easy.  AI was easy to exploit, didn’t have any advantage over you, and just… building your base and destroying theirs was tedious, if anything.  But then I tried hard mode, and for a while, I kept getting freaking WRECKED.


The enemy’s health is higher, they upgrade quicker, create more units, and overall, the enemy is just BETTER than you.  And you actually have to use your wits, all the resources provided to you, to deal with waves of foes that just keep on coming.  It feels relentless at times, but that made finally beating the campaign satisfying as all hell.

It’s hard to explain- but you know, it felt damn good.

Star Fox Assault: A Six Hour Playthrough


Have you ever played a game, and for no reason, just barreled through it, non-stop for hours?  Well, I mean.  It feels kinda weird, but damn, is it fun.

Star Fox Assault, honestly, is kind of just a decent game all around.  Fun, to be sure, but it stops just a bit shy of excellent.  However, the day I got it, as a young seventh grader, I had a freaking field day.

maxresdefault (1).jpg

I don’t know.  Something about the game just drew me in- maybe that action/third person shooter/rail shooter combination just got to me, and I got to experience the full story of Assault in just over six hours.  It was really fun, and was actually just the beginning of the fun I’d have with the game, but I digress.

Those were some good times man.  Good times indeed.


Now, I’m curious.  Do you guys have any moments like that?  Leave a comment down below if so!


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One thought on “Those Gaming Moments

  1. Tried really hard to finish Gun-Nac on NES. It was the first plane shooter game I’ve seriously enjoyed. In fact it had been years that I forgot its name so I went through the entire list of all space shooter games in NES platform. Took me weeks of googling.

    The other one is Virtua Cop on SEGA arcade. I think this one line will bring back all the memories…

    “Reload. Reload. Reload. Reload. Reload.”

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