My Top Ten Stories of All Time! 5-4

Alright, we’re continuing with my personal top ten stories of all time, moving into the top 5!

Now, in my top five, you guys are going to see some of the stories that have influenced me most- influenced my taste in all other future stories, and oftentimes provide standards that I apply to all others.  I say I have to have been influenced by these stories, but they almost certainly have to have merit to them.  These are the cream of the crop, and these next two in particular, I believe have some very, very genuine literary quality.

So, that said, here’s my fifth and fourth favorite stories of all time!

5. 1984


Hey, I can enjoy some of the classics too, from time to time.

1984 is going to be the large outlier on this list, simply because…well, it’s a classic book written in 1949, instead of an anime or video game released in the 21st century.  That being said, I cannot deny the impact that 1984 had on me, as a story that prompted many nights of long thought back in high school.

A classic of literature, 1984 imagined a dystopian society known as Oceania, where everything is controlled by the government.  A new way of speaking: “Newspeak” is created, where terms are shortened, cut down, and simplified, all for the purpose of destroying any and all individual creativity.  The government, led by the mythical “Big Brother,” is the only way to live, and you accept the words of the government as truth.  It is in this environment, where protagonist Winston Smith finds himself, secretly hoping to overthrow the government, but not even knowing where to start.


1984, for whatever it’s worth, is my favorite classic literary story, telling a brutal tale about the life and death of individuality.  I can say for certain that it started a preference that continues even now in college: my love for stories that revolve around individuals, and the feelings they have.

Winston Smith deals with these feelings, anger, sadness, happiness, even love.  And in the face of a world that starkly refuses such ideals?  Man.  That struggle freaking captivated me as a high school student, and, although I didn’t quite realize it then, it ended up being one of my favorite academic moments of my youth.  1984 may not be for everyone, being a rather long book with an academic stigma, but it was damn good, and is certainly my favorite novel of all time.

4. Mother 3

maxresdefault (3).jpg

Perhaps the most emotionally charged, complex, strangest game of all time, Mother 3 displays in my mind, the greatest storytelling in any video game, while also being one heck of an emotional joyride.

Revolving around the story of the inhabitants of a small village named Tazmily, Mother 3 is a…strange tale, to say the least.  The young boy known as Lucas and his family live in this idyllic, wonderful village, where everyone is friendly, the inhabitants of the village get along with nature,  and greed, fear, and suffering, are simply foreign concepts.  Tazmily, fittingly located on the Nowhere Islands, are perfect- until a strange army of pig-masked soldiers arrives, burning forests, creating bio-mechanical abominations out of wildlife, and slowly, slowly corrupting the Islands to their image.  So the question remains- what will Lucas do?


Mother 3 details the corruption of a paradise, the breaking of family, and the beginning of apocalypse, but tells it all in the most nonsensical way.  You have talking frogs that act as save points, a living bass guitar as a boss, and a set of characters that are bright, and nonsensical to say the least.  This mood is deceiving, however- hiding some of the most emotional story-telling gaming has ever seen.

As a game, Mother 3 was honestly just really good.  Not mind-boggling or revolutionary, just…great, and quality.  However, as a story, Mother 3 was able to display its themes in a way that only a video game could do, playing to its strengths.


Instead of being told, or left to imagine the pervasiveness of an event, we get to see it.  Lucas wanders around a town, where you could once be given free items at the store, and instead be shocked that now, the player has to actually buy good items.  You can wander the wilderness, simply fighting your way through the relatively cute natural creatures, and realize later, as you walk across a highway with far more intimidating mechanical specimens, that you really loved the forest so much more.  Everything changed in Mother 3, from society, to Lucas’s own pains, and you, as the player, experience that first hand.

maxresdefault (4).jpg
What happened to the village?

All things considered, Mother 3 told a FANTASTIC story.  and as such, holds a place in my heart as one of my favorite video games of all time, and my fourth favorite story of all time.

So there ya have it.  Next–my third and second favorite stories.  Click down below, to see the next parts of the list, once they’re out!


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