RB Weekly News #13: Typhoon Studios and “Kimi No Na Wa’s” Opening Weekend

Hello friends, back again with RB Weekly News, bringing you the latest and greatest from the anime and gaming worlds.  Today, we’ve got some info regarding the creation of a new gaming studio, the anime movie, Your Name, and yet MORE controversy regarding Gamestop.

Gaming News

Far Cry 4 Director Starts His Own Studio?


The man, Alex Hutchinson, has a decent amount of great games on his portfolio.  Acting as the Lead Designer of Spore and The Sims 2, as well as acting as the Director of Far Cry 4 and Assassin’s Creed 3, it’s clear that Hutchinson is a pretty experienced veteran of the video game industry.  But on Friday, he announced something crazy on Twitter: that’d he’d left Ubisoft to create the new group “Typhoon Studios.”

He has not given much info on the project, apart from assuring that they were hard at work creating a new world, but many people were rather surprised to see this announcement, out of the blue.  In fact, the Studio’s website has remained rather bare, even four days after the announcement, only containing a job offering, for those programmers and designers willing to join.  I guess we’ll see in the coming months if Hutchinson will hold to his word, and provide the public something great!

GameStop Credit Card Info Breach!


Just this past Friday, Gamestop confirmed with KrebsonSecurity.com, with former Washington Post reporter Brian Krebs, that hackers may have been able to siphon credit card information from their website.  Specifically mentioning the time period from September 2016 to February 2017, two other, unknown sources in the financial industry confirmed that the information taken was essentially everything you’d enter, when paying for something with a credit card.  However, as merchants are not allowed to store such information in any sort of archive, it’s most likely that the hackers planted malicious software on the website to start with.

Overall, GameStop didn’t have much to say, apart from a huge apology to its customers for the worry that has been caused.  They did not mention a timeframe, nor did they mention the specific information that was at risk. What they did do, was offer advice to customers, to be wary about charges made on their card at any time, and to report it to a bank if any odd charges seem to have been made.  Overall, considering the bad reputation GameStop has been receiving, this just doesn’t seem like a very ideal situation for the Texas-based gaming company, regardless of whether or not they can be held accountable for this situation.

Anime News

Movie “Your Name” Earns $1.7+ Million Opening Weekend!


Anime films are not renowned for doing great on American soil, especially in mainstream theaters.  However, it seems as if the hit movie, Kimi no Wa, has defied that, being able to amass over $1.7 million during its opening weekend, across 303 theaters.  Beyond that, “Your Name” has continued to receive stellar reviews all around the board, from critics and audiences alike, with a 97% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Over the past year, this movie by director Makoto Shinkai has become hugely notorious, as one of the best of the best.  Having premiered in Japan many months ago, it’s wonderful to see it moving over to the US, and receive such warm reception.  It’s a movie that I will actually be seeing later today, and I really can’t wait- I’ll be back later with my thoughts on it!  In the meantime, if you haven’t seen Your Name yet, check out Funimation’s website here, and see if there’s a theater near you that’s showing it!



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