RB Weekly News #10: Sonic Forces, Sentai’s New Anime, and A Dota 2 University Course!

Hello friends, welcome to the tenth edition of Reading Between Weekly News, for all your anime, manga, and gaming news!  This week, we have some rather intriguing news on the popularity of manga, as well as on the creation of an academic course that directly deals with the huge eSport, Dota 2.  It’s rather interesting stuff, so let’s get to it!

Anime News:

Free! Anime Gets New Theatrical Release in Fall, and Two Recap Movies Soon


This past Sunday, March 19th, it was announced that Free! would receive two new compilation films, with some new scenes.  The first, Timeless Medley- Bonds, will premiere on April 22nd, and focus on the individual members of the Iwatobi Swim Club, while the second, Timeless Medley- Promise, will focus on main characters Rin and Sousuke.  However, on top of these two compilation films, a third bombshell was dropped, in the form of a trailer for a new movie.


Free!-Take Your Marks-, will then be a sequel to the Timeless Medley movies, and pick up a short time after their ending.  These three movies, released only a few months apart from each other, are sure to attract rather sizable audiences, considering the sustaining popularity of Free!, but as of this point, we do not have any word on an American or European release.  It would be probable to assume that these movies might make their way overseas, but for now, it’s all up in the air.

Sentai Filmworks to Release Anonymous Noise in April

26633451._UY1997_SS1997_As another addition to the Spring 2017 anime list, it was announced last Wednesday, on March 15th, that the romance manga, Anonymous Noise, will be released as an anime in Japan, sometime in April.  The manga is about Nino Arisugawa, a girl who loves singing above all else.  Having been separated from her two friends, Kanade Yuzuriha, and Momo Sakaki from a young age, they promised each other that someday, they would find each other, through Nino’s singing.  With this in mind, Nino kept singing, in the hopes that this would come true.  Now in high school, Nino continues to sing, not knowing that the people she seeks are closer than she thinks.

The manga does have an interesting concept, not gonna lie.  There’s a lot of interesting potential, both from a musical, and character standpoint, and it looks like an anime that’ll be cool to keep up with. I’m personally a sucker for romance, so I guess we’ll see how this one in particular goes!

Gaming News:

Malaysian University Creates Professional Dota 2 Course


Over the course of the past few years, the MOBA game, Dota 2, has received huge amounts of attention, particularly for the huge tournament series known as The International.  It’s become a popular game, with athletes that compete for millions of dollars in prize money, and for many, this type of life just seems like a far-off dream.  However, at Asia Pacific University in Malaysia, a class now exists for anyone over the age of 13 who would like to strive for such a career.


It is a nine month course, divided into three difficulty levels: beginner, medium, and expert, based on one’s MMR, or matchmaking rating. Aiming to improve skills like game sense, leadership capability, problem solving skills, and more, the academic nature of this course is rather interesting, considering the subject matter.  There are actually other classes similar to it, in League of Legends, FIFA 2017, and Counter Strike: Global Offensive, all created as part of the university’s eSports Malaysia Academy movement, showing an increased interest in eSports as a whole.  Malaysia has always been big on eSports, and the creation of an academy dedicated to them is a huge step forward for the industry- one that  may, or may not be emulated elsewhere.

Sega Debuts the New Game, Sonic Forces


Sonic The Hedgehog has always been one of my most nostalgic video game characters, simply for the sense of speed that his early games produced.  He was a cool, fun character, with pretty good games, but unfortunately, as many gamers know, his recent games haven’t exactly been good, by any stretch of the imagination.  Starting with Sonic 06, and carrying over to games like Sonic: Lost World, the series just seems to have lost its luster.  Come this past Friday, and Sega revealed the next game in the franchise- a hopeful step towards something great.

The Sonic Forces announcement trailer was released on March 17th on Youtube, and, according to Sonic Team head, Takashi Iizuka, there will be three gameplay styles- classic, modern, and another, unannounced one.  We have received a promising trailer that displays the modern style of gameplay, but as for the other two styles, they are completely unknown.  All we know now is that there’s giant robots who shoot lasers, and, both the Classic, and Modern Sonic from Sonic Generations play a part.  Perhaps this will be a solid game, that launches Sonic back into the limelight?  As much as we may doubt it, I sure hope so.

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