Some of My Favorites: Five Fun Anime!

Sometimes, you just need to relax, don’t ya?

You just need sometimes to take some time off, turn your mind off, and enjoy life.  Screw thinking about an emotionally powerful story, romance isn’t your deal, definitely not any of that horror crap- what do you want?  Well, lucky for us, anime can provide us with some of the craziest, most nonsensical, most entertaining scenarios known in the history of mankind.

Anime has become renowned for its slight ludicrousness, and, although that is a huge oversimplification, there is something to say about that.  Anime tends to be quite a bit larger than life, and some shows relish that fact, and use it to entertain.  These tend to be some of the most ludicrous, ridiculous, but above all, freaking fun anime to watch.  So, if you’re having a bad day, watch one of these shows- I guarantee you, GUARANTEE that one of these will be able to cheer you up to some extent.  These are my personal pick-me-ups in the world of anime, and they’re pretty great, I think.  That said, let’s get to it!

1. Keijo!!!!!!


Freaking Keijo.  Of course, OF COURSE Keijo’s gonna be on here.

A blatant parody of both stereotypical sports anime and fanservice, the rule about Keijo is that too much is never enough.  It features the fictional sport known as Keijo- essentially nautical sumo, except the women involved are only allowed to use their breasts and butts.  With special moves such as Shoryucans, Butt Gatling, and the Vacuum Butt Cannon, Keijo combines sports and action anime with copious amounts of fanservice, and takes that combination as far as it can go.

Keijo!!!!!! doesn’t actively “try” to be fun like other shows.  It doesn’t joke around very much, it takes itself relatively seriously, but that’s all part of the fun.  It goes above and beyond, deliberately referencing many, many stereotypical anime tropes, all framed with such an absurd amount of fanservice that it can’t not be funny!  If you’re the kind of person who can appreciate the subversion of such tropes, then I guarantee you’ll enjoy Keijo!!!!!!.

2. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun!


Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun is the show that puts the “comedy” in romantic comedy.

Featuring Chiyo Sakura, in the midst of confessing her love to Umetaro Nozaki, she ends up helping him in his secret career as a Shoujo manga creator.  Through this odd relationship, Sakura struggles to let her feelings be known, while simultaneously helping Nozaki find inspiration.  It’s  a pretty fun concept that allows for a lot of cute, likable characters to shine.  The overall plot keeps the show cohesive, providing situations for Sakura, Nozaki, and their various friends to get involved in, leading to hilarious misunderstandings, clever jokes, and simply ridiculous hijinks all around.

This show is also helped along my a great soundtrack, crisp, colorful art, that only helps to emphasize it’s simple, heartwarming nature.  It’s an absolute feel-good show, but it’s also one that reeks of general quality all-around.  Some people don’t like it, as it does play some tropes straight, but no matter what, you can’t fault it for being a bad anime.  If you’re having a bad day, then Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun is one of those shows that I’m sure can put a smile on your face.

3. Nichijou


Nichijou is….very, very, very moe.  When you first start watching, it’s almost disgusting how moe it is.  But really, that moe hides something… crazy.  Featuring the adventures of Yuuko, Mio, and Mai, this young, intrepid high school trio face the daily challenges of every day life!  Except.  Man, these daily challenges… they’re quite something, I’ll tell you that.


Nichijou is an anime, that, much like Keijo!!!!!!, gets its entertainment value from the sheer level of absurdity it brings to the table.  Although, unlike Keijo, it’s not exactly the same.  Where Keijo gets its entertainment value by taking absurd situations and making them relatively normal, Nichijou takes absolutely normal situations, and making them something ridiculous.  Through sheer animation quality, not to mention an immense exaggeration of everyday events, this anime takes what should be a normal, cute, happy slice of life anime, and makes it something…completely different.


Honestly, it’s really hard to explain just why Nichijou stands out, without showing it.   It’s not quite as clever as the previous anime, but man, it makes up for it with its sheer ridiculousness.  Nichijou goes from cute to crazy- 0 to 100- REAL quick, and that contrast makes the show extremely unique, and undoubtedly a fun show to watch.

4. One Punch Man


You know, fun can look like lots of different things.  For some, it’s moe anime girls.  For others, it’s a comical pseud0-lovey relationship.  And, in my world, it can look like the face of a comically overpowered bald man with round eyes and a flat face.


One Punch Man is really fun to me.  I’m not sure if other people would use that word to describe it, but hey, you gotta admit that One Punch Man can be pretty funny, at the least. Everyone knows that One Punch Man is a visual spectacle,  What makes One Punch Man stand out to me, among all the other more comedic entries on the list, is its blatant defiance of action tropes, and obvious parodies of other series.  It’s so exaggerated, it’s almost kind of stupid, except for the fact that it’s NOT.

Almost EVERY character is engaging and unique.  There are so many superheroes, so many special powers, that you can’t help but be engaged and intrigued to some level.  The designs of the characters are creative and cool, with distinctive personalities that make each one very memorable.   However, at the same time, you don’t ever, EVER have to think that hard about this series.  All you’ve gotta do, is grab some popcorn, sit back, and wait for Saitama to show up.

5. Sakamoto Desu Ga

56da3fd8e1ae194e71360c1909064c06 (1).jpg

My personal favorite, the most fun, comedic, stupid, exaggerated anime I can think of, is Sakamoto Desu Ga.  It’s not stupid like other shows that rely entirely on gag humor, but at the same time, it’s so ridiculous, so over-the-top, that I can’t help but enjoy it.


Sakamoto Desu Ga revolves around the model student, the coolest, the most handsome man, Sakamoto, and his adventures at school.  He is the perfect man, girls love him, guys envy him, and no matter what situation he is in, he manages to get out in the coolest manner.  Despite being a bit oblivious to situations and people around him, once he notices it, he takes care of it- by helping out with their personal problems, rescuing cats, or teaching an important lesson, Sakamoto finds a way.  Singing German opera, stopping a school fire with nothing but a special dance, and dueling a bee out of the classroom, Sakamoto just does it all.

If I had to compare this anime to anything, I’d have to call it a smarter, more ridiculous Tom and Jerry.  Sakamoto is put in the most ridiculous of situations, and it’s kind of a wonder to see just how he is able to get out of them.  With a flashy, upbeat jazz tune to accompany his escapades and a collected, yet somehow super-cool attitude, Sakamoto wows the audience- both in-universe and out.  Because of this ludicrous nature, Sakamoto Desu Ga is definitely the anime I recommend most, if you desire a fun time.

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