First Thoughts: Orange Eps. 1-2

About time I started a new anime.

Orange, from what I’ve been hearing, is one of those crazy emotional anime that takes you on a rollercoaster of feels.  I haven’t watched such a series in a while, so when I heard about, apparently, how good Orange is, I had to check it out.


The first few episodes so far have been…interesting, to say the least.  Centered around the young, happy protagonist Naho, and the enigmatic transfer student Kakeru, Orange starts off with a rather ominous letter that Naho receives from herself, 10 years in the future.  Hinting at something bad happening to Kakeru in the future, something preventable, Naho is tasked with following those instructions, to make sure that in the future, she doesn’t regret anything from that period of her life.

In regards to this plot, there are a few things that stick out to me as both really nice, and rather odd, honestly.  The concept of having to change events in the past is an interesting one, that I feel a GREAT Slice of Life anime can be born from.  It has the potential to teach lessons, portray great romances, characters, all of that!  However, some plotholes just…are hard for me to ignore sometimes.  I mean, if Naho gets this singular letter that has EVERYTHING she needs to know, why does she read it so slowly, piece by piece?  Why not just learn everything at once?  That being said, HOW did she get this letter?  Like.  There is no supernatural activity here, at least.  Not yet.



I can already tell that Orange has a unique style to it, relying very heavily on music and animation.  The music is actually pretty great so far, and as far as the animation goes, it’s hard to describe, but the different angles the studio chose to draw scenes from just really adds to the atmosphere.  That’s actually a great word to describe Orange, at least in my thoughts so far: atmosphere.  Orange‘s animation and music convey a rather simple, day-to-day life feeling that makes the happy moments really happy, and the emotional moments really impactful- and there’s only been one genuinely emotional moment so far!  I’m looking forward to seeing what those moments are like a few episodes down the line.

So far, Orange is looking like a pretty standard feely anime, but there’s still lots of room for surprises.  I’ll update ya’ll on my feelings on the series when I get to the end.  Wish me and my feels good luck. @-@



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