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Hello denizens of the inter-webs, Ayron here, bringing you just a few of the recent big happenings in the worlds of gaming and anime!

Anime News: Your Name v. Spirited Away

Your Name.jpg

The internet has been relatively quiet recently in regards to anime- new series have already been announced, for the Spring season that have everyone hyped, from Attack on Titan’s second season, to Boku No Hero Academia’s second season, and even the continuation of Naruto, titled Boruto.  However, recently, a rather large landmark was achieved by an anime movie that should definitely be taken note of.


Your Name is an anime movie released last year, that stunned audiences with beautiful visuals, and extreme emotional impact.  Although such feats are noteworthy in and of themselves, what makes this movie in particular stand out, is how it officially garnered more cash world wide than the legendary Studio Ghibli classic, Spirited Away.  


Earning over $330 million over the past few months, Your Name has finally beaten the 15-year old anime classic, and its total of $289.1 million.  Although money is not everything when it comes to works of art, it certainly says something about how the story of Your Name has reached many, and is certain to reach many more people to come.

Amazon does Anime?!


On January 12th, Amazon announced something rather surprising- a paid service for anime fans, titled Anime Strike.  Amazon Prime already gave subscribers access to highly demanded TV channels, but the company didn’t seem to show any real interest in expanding towards the world of anime.  However, with this announcement, it seems Amazon is ready to put its foot in the door, competing against prime anime-centric companies such as Funimation and Crunchyroll.

Amazon has boasted that Anime Strike will allow anime fans, for only $5, access to ad-free streams of over 1,000 unique series.  These series are said to include classics like Akira and Death Note, while also following currently-airing series in Japan, such as the soon to be released Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Impure King Arc.  Only time will tell how the service stacks up against the older, more established companies.

Gaming News: The Nintendo Switch, Coming Soon!


In the world of gaming, there is only one recent announcement that has stirred up a lot of discussion, good or bad.  Nintendo’s conference on January 12th, streamed from Tokyo worldwide, dropped huge amounts of detail about the enigmatic Nintendo Switch, including everything from technological details, to new IPs, sequels to old games, to the much-anticipated release date.

The new “Joy-Con” controllers.

Nintendo focused quite a bit on their new “Joy-Con” controllers, showcasing their next-gen motion sensing capabilities, as well as the “HD Rumble,” which is supposedly able to convey far more sensory information than any previous system.  The system’s portable capabilities were slightly expanded upon, but really, the technological star of the show was the Joy-Con, theoretically offering a whole new way to experience Nintendo games.

The announced games for 2017.

What has many people worried, however, is a distinct lack of exciting new video game titles.  Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2, and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 generated huge amounts of excitement, and all look fantastic, but the problem is that hardly any of the other games are anywhere close.  Out of the announced titles, the rest are relatively forgettable by comparison, with old franchises like Star Fox, Metroid, Smash Bros, and more, nowhere in sight.  No one has any doubts that the four aforementioned games will be hits, but what about anything else?  Will the Switch have anywhere near the diversity of its competitors?  Perhaps only time will tell.

AGDQ: $2.2 Million Raised For Charity!

AGDQ 1.18.jpg

The last major gaming event of the past week, AGDQ, or Awesome Games Done Quick, was able to raise over $2.2 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.  As incentive, the event brought together hundreds of gamers and speedrunners, streaming all 24 hours of the day for a full week, breaking games all for the sake of cancer patients who needed that money to live.


From runs of Pokemon Emerald, to sequence breaks of Super Metroid, and even straight up teleports in Undertale, this event provided huge entertainment for many over the course of the past week, almost always at the top in viewership.  The event was successfully able to showcase the good the gaming community is capable of, as it does every year, and personally, it was just a joy to tune into.  However, it is over, and now, I’m just looking forward to the next event in six months, on July 2nd- Summer Games Done Quick.

That’s all for the major gaming/anime news of this past week – do you guys have any thoughts on these subjects?  Any memories of Your Name, any thoughts on the Switch?  Let’s talk about it in the comments section below!


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