New Year, New Schedule- A Blog Update!

Hey guys, Ayron here, with an update on the status of Reading Between!

So, there’s been a distinct lack of content over the past two and a half-ish weeks, and I promise, there’s a reason for that.  The holidays have been a good time, and I’ve honestly been taking quite a bit of a break, some time to think, some time to reevaluate what I’m doing with the blog.

I started this thing simply to get writing practice, and over time, it’s developed into something that was used for self-expression, and now, something I feel like I can be genuinely proud of.  I’ve been happy with the status of the blog for a bit, but I feel like I can do more- do more to connect with the people, you guys,who read what I put out.

With that in mind, I put a new schedule together, with a bit of a new focus.  I’ve noticed that my posts can get a bit long-winded, after all, there’s a lot to talk about.  However, my mindset has changed- instead of trying to make pseudo-academic papers with each post, I want to make them a bit more succinct, short, and sweet.

Basically, the new schedule is as follows: Mondays will be for countdowns/top five lists.  Tuesday, I will briefly talk about an anime or manga that I’ve experienced before.  Wednesday, it’ll be a bit of a current event update- what’s happening in the anime/gaming worlds?  Thursday, I will briefly talk about a video game that I’ve experienced- or heck, maybe even want to experience.  Friday then, will be an analytical post, not unlike what I usually have posted on this blog.  Saturdays and Sundays will be, for the most part, free!  Unless, of course, the urge strikes me to write about something else.

This will theoretically be every week, starting today, and man, I’m actually really excited to get started on this.  The point of this blog is to share the stories of anime, manga, and games, just talk about and appreciate them, and I think this might be a good step towards being able to do that.  Well, I hope this works out- and I hope to see you around!  (☞゚ヮ゚)☞


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