A New Schedule

Hey people of the blog space, Ayron here.  This is going to be more of an update on the status and schedule of Reading Between, and sharing my motivation as to why I’ve started the blog!  If that is rather uninteresting to you, you don’t have to read the next bit of information, but hey, if you’d like, keep on reading fam. (  ̄▽ ̄)/

I’ve been blogging for about five months on and off, on whatever topic appeals to me at the moment, whether it be manga, anime, western animation, gaming, etc.  I originally started the blog to keep my academic mindset going, in the absence of school, but as the months went by, I found that I really enjoyed having this outlet for my ideas.  I could talk about whatever I wanted, for the sake of exploring interesting ideas, do countdowns just because, and review stories for the sake of organizing my own thoughts on the series.

It’s been fun!  But recently, I’ve realized, looking back, the blog doesn’t have much structure to it.  Personally, I can’t even keep track of the different posts I have, there’s no pattern or relative consistency, which…well, it feels weird to me, and I imagine to any reader of the blog, it doesn’t look as…polished, as it could.  From a layout standpoint, from a consistency standpoint, scheduling…everything is just a bit unorganized.  Not to say that it will always be consistent- I’m just a single guy randomly talking about all these topics when they come to mind!  Just…it’s odd to me to see no real structure, when I feel like I could do a bit more than that.

All that being said, I’d just like to say that this next week, barring a reaction to RWBY Volume 4, Episode 4, there won’t be anything till Wednesday.  However, starting next Wednesday, I’ll be trying to keep up a new schedule, that perhaps allows me to be a bit more consistent in things to talk about.  I’ll be doing a review on Wednesday, a miscellaneous countdown or top 5 list every Saturday, and then on the next Wednesday, a little bit more of a more creative, academic piece, along the lines of my Lucid 9 Dissociation post.  And so on, and so forth, barring reaction posts like the ones I have to RWBY at the moment.

So yes.  Review, Countdown, Academic, Countdown, Review, Countdown…etc.  Starting next week, I’ll be trying that out, getting more content out, keeping the brain working, and writing skills relatively sharp!

That’s about it, to be honest.  I might look into revamping the look of the site, to be a bit more flexible and easy to navigate, but, eh.  We shall see.  :)

For those who have followed the blog, and who may or may not be reading this post, thanks a ton!  I hope I can put out rather quality  stuff for you guys, or at least make it a blog worth a follow! (☞゚ヮ゚)☞


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